At first I didn’t notice
The harm in his curiosity.
His shots at my character
Were disguised as attempts to get to know me.

What started as inquiries
Slowly turned into concerns.
He wanted to mold me,
But I just thought he wanted to learn.

“Is that what you’re wearing?”
And “Tell me what that means,”
Quickly changed to “No, that’s way too short,”
And “How many tattoos do you need?”

The things I saw as beautiful
Appeared to him as something else.
He questioned me so much,
I started to rethink myself.

From the music I listened to,
To the company I kept.
The places I wanted to go,
Even the way that I slept.

I wanted him to love my soul,
The things that made me unique,
But the person that he wanted
Did not reside in me.

I had to hide myself for him,
But he didn’t give a damn.
Now that he’s gone,
I’m trying to remember who I am.


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